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Why Wavze?

  • Catch all the feels

    Our Products are enginereed to work

  • Obsessed with quality

    We have high standards

  • Truthful & Tested

    We’ve got the lab tests to prove it

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    It’s always better when you don’t fake it

Why Waves?

  • Catch all the feels Our Products are engineered to work
  • Obsessed with quality We have high standards
  • Truthful & Tested We’ve got the lab tests to prove it
  • All Natural, All the time It’s always better when you don’t fake it

Lemonade CBD Water Enhancers


Your grandma’s homemade lemonade has nothing on this flavor. Sweet & tangy but far from artificial tasting – relaxation, recovery & rest await you with these drops. So what are you waiting for? Get to sippin’!

Let's Go!

Dragon fruit CBD Water Drops


Imagine the most ripe of dragonfruit: syrupy, sticky, and dripping with sweet, now add just the right amount of tropical tang. These drops willtruly remind you of the taste of vacation. Take a sip, kick back and relax on the tropical notes of a beachy holiday with this delicious flavor.

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Coconut & Lime Water Enhancer


Your favorite coconut flavor but supercharged with a little extra zesty lime flavor that will leave you wanting more. All the benefits of Solu+NanoCBD packed into these extra tasty droplets – yeah, you read it right. Your water is waiting…

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awe, people love us.


“As a busy working mom, this is PERFECT for making my day less stressful and more productive. Anxiety and stress will always be there but being able to pull out my squeeze bottle and pop it in my water on the go is a game changer. The Coconut & Lime tastes amazing. Totally worth every penny and threw away everything else I tried. I will stick with WAVZE!”

Celeste Grissom

Coconut Lime

“I drink a lot of coffee to keep me going through the workday, but I often get the jitters and the afternoon crash. Wavze Energize is a great alternative providing long lasting energy that’s natural with no jitters or crash. Definitely my morning go to.”


Whitney Weiss


“I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Prescriptions would leave me groggy and low energy throughout the day. I tried the Dream pill and wow! It doesn’t make me tired, I can just easily fall asleep and wake up with energy!”


Kelsey Kugler


Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD get me high?

Great question! The short answer is no. While there are more than 100 active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, only one, THC, is psychoactive (meaning it will get you high). Think of CBD as the non-threatening, highly therapeutic friend of THC. You’ll feel relaxed and calm, but definitely not high.

Are CBD products legal?

Yes, they sure are. Because they’re produced in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill which requires that any CBD product have less than 0.3% THC, our products are 100% legal.

How much should I take?

The recommended dose of our CBD Water Enhancer is 10 mg dissolved in 10 ounces of water. There are 24 doses in a container. For our Soft Gels, one dose is one 20 mg gel (packages have 600 mg of CBD, and a total of 30 Soft Gels).

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

There is the possibility. Our CBD is derived from certified industrial hemp plants, and all of our products have less than the federally legal limit of 0.3% THC. Although, it is unlikely please do not take CBD products if you’re expecting to be drug tested.

How long can I expect CBD to last, or to stay in my system?

It depends. On average, one serving of CBD Water Enhancer or one CBD Soft Gel will provide you with a sense of calm and relaxation for five to seven hours. Depending on your body type, tolerance for CBD, level of physical activity, your diet, and so many more factors, it’s hard to determine how long the product will actually stay in your body even after the calming effects have worn off.

How should I store your products?

CBD is light and heat sensitive, so while it’s not necessary to put them in the fridge, we suggest that you store them in a cool, dark place, away from children.

My CBD Water Enhancers are clumping or settling. What do I do?

Shake it and stir it - it should dissolve easily. Maybe give it a little swish with the straw if you feel like it too.